Rules for Submitting Free Coupons & Promotions

  • The Business must be a NC owned Company with 3 (three) or Fewer Locations in order to qualify for a FREE coupon or promotion placement
    • Companies that do not qualify based on the above are welcome to place a paid advertisement on our site – please CONTACT US for more information
  • Businesses are limited to 1 (one)  Active Free Promotions/Coupon at any given time
    • Please CONTACT US if you are interested in additional paid advertisements or something more prominent than the free placement
  • While the Promotion or Venue may be for adults only, YOUR POSTING ITSELF MUST BE G-RATED – no nudity, scenes of graphic violence, profanity or etc. This is a family-friendly site. ANY SUBMISSIONS THAT VIOLATE THIS RULE WILL NOT BE POSTED AND YOU MAY BE BANNED FOR LIFE.

Artwork Requirements for Submitting Coupons & Promotions

Coupon itself:

  • Recommended Coupon size is approximately 800 px wide x 1000 px. tall (at the very least make it taller than wide so that it will appear correctly on mobile devices)
  • JPG or PNG File Format
  • If you do not have a Coupon prepared then you can use Canva to create one for FREE online. (embed the link: https://www.canva.com/create/coupons/ )

Image or Logo to appear on main Page: 

  • Recommended size 500 px wide x 325 tall
  • If no image supplied a generic category image will be used

Helpful Tips

While disclaimers and limitations are not required on your coupon, you may wish to include the following in your promotion:

  • Time restrictions – an expiration date, valid between Date and Date, only valid on certain days of the week or at certain hours of the day, etc.
  • Exclusions – excludes all X products (specifically described)
  • Customer Use Limits  limit one per customer, one per party, one per visit, etc.
  • Other Promotions – may not be used with any other coupon or promotion
  • Stock Limitations – limited to stock on hand, no rainchecks or etc.
  • Manners of Use Limitatons –  printed coupons only, digital coupons allowed, coupon code, no coupon required, etc.
  • Value – no cash value or etc.
  • Additional Fees – handling and shipping fees still apply, gratuity not included, etc.
  • Taxes – sales tax will be applied according to applicable law


By submitting a coupon or promotion you must attest that you have the authority to advertise this promotion, coupon, offer or etc. on behalf of the Business named above and request that the attached advertisement be posted on-line at twincitylocal.com

By submitting a coupon or promotion you must agree to hold harmless twincitylocal.com, it’s principal, officers and employees for any losses incurred by the placement of this advertisement on twincitylocal.com